Welcome to Chere Berman Publishing, a business small enough to customize to your needs as a writer, business communicator, or influencer.


After a career of 33 years in business and education -- teaching every grade K-12 +15 years of university classes--including professional training, writing curriculum, and tutoring hundreds of students, I am excited to collaborate with content creators and small businesses, emerging writers, artists, or family historians.


In an atmosphere where messages are muddied and often deceptive, I can help you frame a message that is honest, clear and powerful. Sometimes that means taking time to bounce ideas off a good listener who can ask the kinds of questions that will focus your ideas. I always sought to inspire and help students and writers find their own unique voice, and think for themselves. 

Now, more than ever before, we need to infuse our businesses and endeavors with integrity and faith in the freedoms that we have as Americans. Now, more than ever, we need to support independent voices, artists, entrepreneurs and local producers! 


An invincible drive to share what God has imparted within me has led me to write and edit books, proposals, business documents, and a variety of other content. I love to find clear language and formatting that make content crystal clear and compelling.


The best communicators, artists and business people are those who are learning junkies, always seeking to add ideas and value to the world. If that is you, CBP may have the services that fit your needs.


Consider CBP if you are:

  • Editing a project or presentation, need encouragement or coaching

  • Building a business entity

  • Looking for assistance with research

  • Seeking academic tutoring


Let's make your message count!





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