Antidote to 2020 Chaos: Fierce Love

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

If we are honest enough with ourselves to step back from the confusion and shifting narrative of this chaotic year, many of us will acknowledge that the CoVid Quarantine, and its ensuing unintended consequences, have shaken us out of the self-absorbed complacency, the blind busy-ness of our lives pre-2020. Those of us who have been thoughtful enough to disengage from the swill of constant media fear-hype have to admit that our lives were, indeed, probably out of balance and needed a reset.

But now, after months of struggling with the grief of losing our normalcy and freedom of movement, of watching the fabric of our culture burning, being destroyed, and unraveling in a hostile cancel-and-virtue-signaling culture (reminiscent of out-of- control adolescents), we long for an antidote. Passivity, self-absorption, merely criticizing others, or being swept or shamed into a cause without realizing the forces behind it-- all of these options have failed.

Fortunate are those who have discovered that the best antidote is fierce love. Some watched out for family, friends and neighbors. Others served tirelessly in their jobs or volunteer efforts. Still others looked for silver linings, elevating the discourse by focusing on the good around them. This is fierce love; it does not sit idly by when rights and freedoms are violated, it does not look for ways to condemn how others are coping with masks or social distancing, it does not put up walls and merely close off from the world. Fierce love honors the dignity of human life and property by speaking out fearlessly but graciously. Fierce love fights injustice by finding the truth and then actually building bridges and helping others. Fierce love unites us around shared values, rather than tearing us apart in divisive rhetoric that leads to destruction. Fierce love gets up and finds answers, gathers teams, shows kindness, meets needs.

Fierce love is the most powerful force in the universe; it gets us up out of our fear, grief, and deception and gives us a reset, a way steamroll over the negative voices of hate and oppression until they are rendered impotent. Sounds like an antidote to me.

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