Gratitude or Tyranny

"Tyranny comes when citizens are seduced into trading freedom for the promise of safety and security" (Rabbi Daniel Lapin).

Freedom of thought is paramount to our way of life. If you cannot or give up the right to think for yourself, you are completely vulnerable to the emotional, mental and physical torture of tyranny. In the name of keeping ourselves safe, we need to make sure we are allowing and protecting freedom of thought and expression.

Fought for by millions of our military and citizen journalists for decades, freedom of thought (via freedom of religion, speech, and press) has become an empty, dispensable slogan for others. Today, on Veterans Day, we need to stop and be more than thankful for those who have defended our freedoms, before we become numb to the magnitude of misery and grief we can suffer without those freedoms.

If you do not wake up with military tanks outside of your door, or fear of tortured or imprisoned for your ideas, you can become complacent about your daily ability to make even the most basic life choices. What if you woke up tomorrow with the threat of death over a thought crossing your mind? Sadly, such a scenario is closer than we realize if we forfeit our freedoms.

When the passionate drive to know and understand is overcome by thousands of shallow diversions that surround us, when we gulp down media soundbites like Cheetos, when we refuse to research and discover facts on our own, when we are so politically correct that we refuse to tell the truth, we default to ignorance (ignoring the truth). Ignorance leads insidiously to censorship and ultimately to tyranny.

Right now, you are choosing to have thoughts or ideas about what you are reading. Thank those who have paid a high price for your freedom to make that choice! The best way to show gratitude is to use and treasure the freedoms we have. Thank you to the veterans and military personnel, the fearless thinkers, journalists and creators who have fought for and refuse to give up on our freedoms!

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