Inextinguishable Flame

Time for a little allegory for all of us stay-at-home soldiers.

There was once a land filled with eyeless creatures called Ignopaths wandering around in a dark thicket, victims of their own emotions. All around them was sunlight and truth in plain sight, voices sounding alarms, the earth itself speaking for those who could hear her moaning. The eyeless ones thrashed and screamed at one another, sinking into a mire of confusion. These Ignopaths had ignored the truth while all of the answers they needed were in plain sight. Abandoning their freedoms one by one, they forgot those rights had been bought at a great price.

How did the eyeless ones lose their sight and lose their way? At first, Ignopaths had merely stopped seeking or questioning, believing every slick lie of those lurking under rocks and in caves with dark agendas, the GlobaLords. GlobaLords were pretty and shiny, shallow and greedy. By leeching the blood and creativity of others, by sending false Messiegers, they gained power. Using their wealth and influence, they pandered to the Ignopaths needs and promised to provide for them, telling them what they wanted to hear.

What was the cost? The Ignopaths never asked, because the Messiegers were beautiful, strong and sounded so reasonable. Distracted by entertaining themselves and blaming others for their problems, Ignopaths resorted to living in denial. The cost they failed to see: giving up their right to think, to speak, to ponder. To move about freely, to worship at will. Schools had stopped teaching how to think and how to learn. Instead all were to unquestioningly believe the GlobaLord Messiegers, already fully enslaved by the GlobaLords. All eyes were becoming dim, hearts clouded over.

Over time, since Ignopaths refused to see and hear uncomfortable truths, they became the slaves of the GlobaLords. They eventually became eyeless and numb, living in their little bubbles of parsed out entertainment, until their souls were ready to die.

But wait. The GlobaLords in their blind ambition failed to understand the strength and potential of a third group of voices: the Inextinguishable Flame. Fierce warriors of truth (often made to look like fools, mocked and attacked by the GlobaLords), they had not forgotten how to think, had spirits burning with the Inextinguishable Flame of One full of light. These warriors were gaining wisdom and power, learning weapons the GlobaLords knew nothing about. Those of the Inextinguishable Flame began to rise. The GlobaLords and their eyeless slaves were about to learn that there is no power that can withstand the Inextinguishable Flame of truth.

How does the allegory end? It is up to us, stay-at-home soldiers. The Inextinguishable Flame is burning bright enough to see, for those who still have eyes.

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