Where are the monsters?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Halloween: pumpkin carving, harvest festivals, trick-or-treating, and... scary monsters.

For adults, costume cosplay and masquerade parties, goofy office pranks and pumpkin spice latte are now part of the scene.

Whether in the workplace, our family, or community, we focus on making this holiday season fun, profitable for entrepreneurs or established businesses, creative, full of the smells, sounds and joys of fall, and safe. At our core, we really don't want the ghouls and devilish monsters to appear.

When I thought about this season in 2019, I remembered a blog I wrote for educators in 2013. With a little revision, it soooo applies to where we are right now in our culture.

Here is a teaser excerpt. I hope you will click on the link to see the whole post. While it is written for teachers, we no doubt will see how it applies to us all to some degree, and I hope it give you some food for thought.

From "A Nation of Bullies, or a Nation of Heroes" (reposted/revised from Oct 2013)

We get to choose. While rhetoric in our country spirals downward into swamp muck, we can stand on the high ground. For many, as violent or disastrous events have unfolded, their earlier choices (or choices by the default of passivity) are becoming evident. In such crises, the stance we have been taking in our personal and professional lives---our metal, if you will--gets to face the fire, and sometimes the exposure is more troubling than what prompted it. More than anywhere else, the classroom should be a place where we can question without hasty generalizations, name-calling, and looking for blame....

The classroom is and always has been both a place of training for real life and a microcosm of the larger world. Do we create an atmosphere of acceptance, wonder, joy and kindness within our classrooms, or a conduit for the venom that is already poisoning the atmosphere in the larger world? Teaching critical thinking doesn't mean transferring personal cynicisms and bias, complaints and carping about the injustices and impasses in society...

Check out the rest at: www.chereberman.wordpress.com

While the rhetoric spirals downward

into swamp muck, we can stand on high ground.

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